What is BooksInYourPocket™?

It is a refreshing new bookstore that brings the best stories to your fingertips and to your devices! A hybrid of new and old, BIYP brings together authors in one easy-to-take-with-you place. Whether you are looking for a fabulous fiction book or an informative non-fiction, let BIYP introduce you to a new way of finding books that you would like to read.

Ebooks actually had their beginning in 1949, but it wouldn’t be until the mid-2000’s that it would become popular. Today, there are over one-million titles available in ebook form! This makes it sometimes a frustrating and overwhelming task to find the books you want to read. Also, many readers still love to browse a bookstore for their favorite stories, even if they don’t always have room for those wonderful paperbacks.

BooksInYourPocket™ brings you the best of both worlds. Think outside the box and enjoy all the stories you can put in your pocket. With BooksInYourPocket™, you can browse for your favorite books, find new authors, and not have to worry about where to store the paperback when you are done. You can also take a BIYP with you if you aren’t sure and want to learn more about the story and the author!

How Does BooksInYourPocket™ work?

Simply browse through the continuously updated inventory of books by today’s leading authors in their genre. Browse through the cards and find the book you like! Take the card with you if you’d like to read more about the book and author or you can scan the QR with your mobile device to instantly connect with the story. Love the book? Click on the buy link and download it right then and there! Don’t forget to take the card with you so you can explore other great features the author(s) have to offer!

Why choose BooksInYourPocket™?

BooksInYourPocket™ gives you the best of both digital and brick-and-mortar stores. Searching online for a great book to read can take hours of your precious time and leave you feeling more frustrated. At other times, it might be difficult to fit into your busy schedule the time to go to the bookstore – if you are lucky to have one near you. BooksInYourPocket™ are in the places you are, ready for you to explore while on the run. We give you the information you want and can introduce you to new authors that you might never have had a chance to meet before – when it is convenient for you!

Browse, select your books, and connect with the authors and stories you want, when you want it with BooksInYourPocket!™

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